Redness / Rosacea

Rosacea is a Chronic medical condition of the skin, effecting over 3 million Canadians. Superficial blood vessels become inflamed; opening them up to the surface of the skin resulting in a flush out or rosiness look. Rosacea cannot be cured; only treated, maintained, decreasing the severity of symptoms. The causes of Rosacea are unknown, it is suspected that it may be hereditary and  effecting women more often than men.

Rosacea symptoms vary from person to person, the severity being unpredictable. The face, cheeks, nose, chin and centre of the forehead are the most common areas. People usually experience rough, dry, flaky skin, skin with  redness or flushed look, broken vessels, enlarged pores and bumps in effected areas. Skin is usually sensitive and tender and may feel itchy, burning or stinging.   A red enlarge nose may occur in late and more severe stages of Rosacea, a condition known as rhinopehyma. Sun exposure is the number one trigger for the red flushing response.  Other common triggers of Rosacea are: extreme temperatures changes (hot or cold), stress, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, spicy foods, chocolate and exercise. For any one with that conduction medical grade Sun Screen is essential. 

At Synergy Aesthetics and Laser Clinic, our most common treatment for Rosacea is IPL (intense Pulsed Light). Clients are pleased with the rapid improvement in the redness, flushing, and “broken capillaries”  or dilated vessels. Other laser treatments are also effective such as using a Nd: Yag 1064 nm laser which travels deeper into the skin and can constrict deeper dilated vessels. Our Skin Consultation will help to choose the right treatment option for you and with proper skin care that will calm, improve  and protect your skin.

Come in for a complimentary Consultation and see what positive difference treatment of Rosacea can make for you. 

Hyper Pigmentation

A bright, radiant, even complexion is often associated with youthfulness. Hyper pigmentation,  sun damage, dark spots and discolouration of the skin occurs after many years of sun exposure. Melanin is a pigment in hair and skin that is responsible for skin colour and is also the skins protective system against the sun’s UV rays. Sun triggers melanin over production to protect skin, resulting in the “tanned” look.

Hyper pigmentation is a very difficult condition to treat, but good news; is it is not necessarily permanent. Hyper pigmentation may be improved or reversed with a good skin care regime and combination of treatments.

At Synergy Aesthetics and Laser Clinic, we recommend IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments for our fairer skinned patients who have brown discolouration, age spots and freckles, particularly on the face and chest.  Our NEWEST  TECHNOLOGY ETHEREA-MX LASER can be used on any type of sun damage from mild to severe. The best way of prevention is through use of Medical Grade sunscreen, such as the Vivier Products. It is never too late to start using  good sunblock!

Come in for a complementary Consultation to see which combination of treatments and products will be beneficial to improve your skin pigmentation.   


As we age, our skin naturally loses some of its softness and vibrancy. Skin rejuvenation aims to restore your vibrant and youthful appearance of your skin. It can be achieved through a multitude of treatments, either surgical or non surgical. Those treatments can very in invasiveness and depth. 

Skin rejuvenation is not “ one size fits all”, Synergy Aesthetics & Laster Clinic will help you decide which treatments are best for you based on your skin needs and your lifestyle. At Synergy Aesthetics & Laser Clinic, we believe in taking an individualized approach to skin rejuvenation that puts you at the centre of all we do.

Maybe you have facial discolourations, under eye circles, or unwanted spider veins? May be you want to reduce your pore size or tighten your skin? Perhaps you want to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles or maybe address acne scarring that you are self conscious about. Whatever it is, we have a treatment for you. There are several treatments that you can choose from: IPL for dark discolourations and rosace and recent stretch marks.

Acroma for black heads, under eye circles and tattoo removal and laser toning.

Long Pulse for vascular Lesions or Thermal Peel.

Pro Deep (non ablative rejuvenation) for fine line & wrinkles, scarring, acne scarring & melasma. 

Dual Mode (ablative fractional resurfacing) for deeper pigmentation, mild to severe wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks & melasma.  

Come in for a complementary Skin Care Consultation to see which combination of treatments and products will be beneficial for you that will help to achieve your goals.   


Active Acne

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, that effect teenagers and adults. Acne is not caused by dirt. It commonly occurs during puberty due to sebaceous gland activity and hormones; but it can occurs at any age. It is not dangerous. It can leave skin scars that are very hard to get rid of. Our skin is covered with pores or sebaceous glands that constantly produce and secrete oils for lubrication and protection. In the instance of acne prone skin, the sebaceous glands are over producing the oils and make some of the cells stick to our pores and block the sebum inside the follicle.  The skin then over grows the pores described as double closed. This causes a buildup of oil underneath the skin, which creates a bump under the skin. When bacteria that live on the skin, get under the skin, it causes irritation and inflammation of that pore and its surrounding tissue causing a whitehead. If the air gets under the skin it oxidize the oil build up and causes it to changers it’s colour to black/dark green, which result in blackhead. The most common areas for acne are: face, neck, shoulders, chest, upper arms, back. 

There are some external factors which will play a role in acne flair ups. Certain categories of food, such as, milk, cheeses, chocolate, ice cream and fruit yogurts, as well as, carbonated beverages and certain fruit juices. Stress, hormones, medication and certain cosmetics will also aggravate acne causing break outs. The residual scaring of the acne  difficult to get rid off.   

At Synergy Aesthetics and Laser Clinic, we offer many different treatments to improve acne and acne scarring and to improve active acne and acne break outs. We ensures that you get the right diagnostic, treatment plan and skin care program that works for you and your skin.

Tightening/ Toning

Veins / Vascular Lesions

Psoriasis & Skin Conditions

Scar / Stretch Marks





Long Pulse

Long Pulse

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Pro Deep

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